Pandemic-Inspired Home Remodeling

By Willow Editorial Team

If you’re saving money from not going out to restaurants, not eating out, not going on vacations, you may be deciding to add that value back into your homes as an investment. More people are.


As we look to make our home space both more functional and enjoyable in these unusual times, we’re tapping our equity to finance a variety of home projects - including these three big ones:


New kitchens

Are you spending more of your waking hours cooking, eating, and entertaining at home? Has the kitchen become the focal point for all things family-focused? That’s the thinking behind all the kitchen remodeling we’re currently seeing.


Outdoor upgrades

No surprise, the pandemic has inspired a strong appreciation for being outdoors. So much so that nearly half of those planning home improvement projects (49%) plan to tackle outside renovations, according to one survey.


Office space

Data from market research firm Rakuten Intelligence confirms that Americans are investing in their work-from-home spaces to create a separation from work and their personal lives.


Some homeowners are converting garages into work studios, or adding a shed in the yard for an office. Others are renovating the basement.



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