By 2030, NextGen assets will
have increased by 5x.

Become a


Deepen Expertise

Gain access to customized trainings that equip you with the skills to effectively serve NextGen clients and their specific financial needs.

Grow Your Business

A CERTIFIED ADVISOR FOR NEXTGEN™ is featured in the Willow Directory and exclusively matched with NextGen clients seeking advisory services.

Establish Credibility

Prove your expertise serving NextGen clients while demonstrating a strong commitment to their financial well-being.

Despite being younger in age, NextGen (Millennials and GenZ) investors have already lived through multiple “once-in-a-lifetime” market crashes, major technological advancements, and socioeconomic and social justice issues that have shaped their perspective and behavior when it comes to their money.

They’ve also come of age when technology is omnipresent, with financial services increasingly delivered online. These experiences have led them to seek financial information and guidance from online sources and friends, including third party reviews and social media.

You must first demonstrate your understanding of their unique needs and preferences in order to build the trusted and collaborative relationship they seek.

Getting Certified is Simple and Convenient

Certification Process

50-minute CE-approved trainings* to understand NextGen investors and the steps to build a suitable wealth management plan.

*1 CE credit for: CFP®, CIMA®, CIMC®, RMA®, and CPWA®

Willow’s Financial Life Coaches are highly qualified with backgrounds rooted in financial services. This session will guide you on how to best attract and win NextGen clients, while growing existing client relationships.

Willow requires both a peer and client reference. Willow also verifies that you are in good standing with regulatory bodies.

Willow helps you create a bio and advisor page for clients to call and schedule introductory calls with you.

Program Benefits


*$800 for advisors 35 & younger

Enrollment Criteria & Requirements


Be in good standing with SEC and BrokerCheck

Watch three seminars and pass the assesment at the end of each

Receive an approval rating by a Willow Financial Life Coach and provide references from one peer at a different advisory firm

Provide one client reference from a client who you have been servicing for a minimum of one year attesting to your ability to serve NextGen clients

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