Every Woman’s Story Matters

By: Willow Editorial Team

Women are and have always been strong. Our capacity to kickstart a career, take care of children, and keep a happy household makes us unbeatable. Despite historical and social barriers that still exist, we are capable of excelling. In a time of crisis, our strength may be tested, and it’s important to know the facts about the challenges women are facing. The path to change (and greater resilience) starts with being aware. With greater awareness, the more possibilities you’ll see!  

Financial and familial pressure


Although the global pandemic is affecting everyone, women are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus in many ways that are often invisible.


Women make up the majority of frontline health care workers, primary caregivers, and workers in the service industry. On top of keeping up with the demand to work on-site, Forbes reported that women — regardless of whether or not they are mothers — may be caring for their own parents as well.


With many schools facing closures during the pandemic, working mothers often have to juggle work and family from home. In fact, reports are showing that women are bearing much more of the burden when it comes to child care and homeschooling, which takes up an estimated 15-hours a week on average. Women are more vulnerable to the coronavirus crisis than men as women make up 39% of global employment but 54% of job losses are faced by women, as reported by Time


The share of mothers becoming breadwinners has doubled since the 1970’s. Yet, mothers still feel the social pressure to be the primary caretaker in her household. Since April, the Center for American Progress reported that the number of mothers who have not been working to take care of their children is consistently higher than the number of fathers. 


As if the pressure to bring up children isn’t enough, about 2 out of 5 mothers were sole financial providers in the family in 2017 across states, earning at least half of their total household income. This further exacerbates the gender earnings gap. The economic turmoil felt by mothers will impact generations to come. 


So, what can I do?


When living through trying times, it’s important to acknowledge your emotions in response to outside influences. Journaling can be helpful to internalize and accept your current situation. Try writing your thoughts down or taking photos, any medium you’re comfortable doing to document your journey will help! 


If you’re still stuck on your financial situation, try approaching a financial coach or advisor. At Willow, we aim to empower women throughout their life journeys. Our platform and community enable women’s financial independence through knowledge, coaching, guidance, and support.

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