Are You Financially Aware?

By Willow Editorial Team

Do you know what your credit score is? What your net worth is? What the power of compounding interest is all about? Why some debt is considered “good” debt?


It’s more important than ever that you understand your financial situation - particularly now, given the pandemic.


That’s why we’re hosting a webinar tomorrow. We hope you’ll join us as we look to help you build financial stability in these uncertain times.


Meantime, here’s how Covid-19 is affecting women everywhere:



As you likely know, most of the jobs eliminated in the first wave of pandemic-induced layoffs were held by women. Single moms have been particularly hit hard by the crisis, losing jobs at a far higher rate than other families with children. Where does this leave me, you, and all the other women we know and love? Nervous, and in a precarious position where we’re all carefully monitoring what’s coming in the door and what’s going out. 


If there’s ever been a time to create - and stick to - a budget, the time is now.


It is also the time to look into remote opportunities that meet your skillset and to get the networking wheels in motion.



If your marriage was rocky before this health crisis hit, chances are, it’s even rockier now.


Any idea what your spouse’s finances look like and what could happen to you, financially, if you were to divorce?


Who will get the house? What about the 401k? Pension? And what about all the income you generated, and were initially responsible for, in the early days of the marriage? Is anyone in the marriage hiding assets? What do the liabilities look like? How might the pre-nup come in handy and what if you didn’t have one?


Divorce attorneys across the country are receiving an uptick in calls, and by the time the calls come in, couples are ready to move forward…but at what cost? 



We, at Willow, have heard countless stories about women leaving behind their coveted rise up the corporate ladder so that they can now care for their elderly parent (or parents) since they no longer feel comfortable having him/her in assisted living facilities.


This makes sense given the number of coronavirus cases rising, again, at nursing homes (fueled by increases in states including Texas and Florida), but are you prepared to bring your mother/father (or both) into your home? 


It’s not only the mental costs that catch us off guard, but it’s the financial ones, too.


Preparation is therefore critical.


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