Financial Choices

By Willow Editorial Team

While it’s extremely difficult to make any decisions during these chaotic times, let alone financial ones, here’s some personal action you can take that will help you out financially:


Stop smoking

If ever there was a time to stop smoking, now would be the time. Not only is it bad for your health (potentially putting you at higher risk of getting COVID-19), but it’s also an expensive habit that increases your insurance costs (from your life insurance to your homeowners, auto insurance to your health insurance).


Watch the weight

The numbers don’t lie: two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Severe obesity is not only expensive (Costs over a lifetime can easily exceed several hundred dollars), but puts those with COVID-19 at a particularly high risk of death.


No more lottery tickets

In these tough times, sales of lottery tickets is skyrocketing and what’s particularly disturbing is that those earning the least amount of money are spending the most on lottery tickets -despite dismal odds of striking it rich.


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