Willow Spotlight: Ashley Bernon

By: Willow Editorial Team

We caught up with Ashley Bernon, Director of Marketing and Client Relations at the Law Office of Sonja B Selami, for some real estate tips and life journey inspiration in advance of tomorrow's 'Getting Real with Real Estate' virtual cocktail hour webinar, that she is moderating for Willow, with a panel of esteemed real estate leaders based in Boston: Michael Carucci, Executive Vice President at Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty; Debbie Collins, Director of Sales and Marketing at Four Seasons Private Residences One Dalton Street Boston; and George Sarkis, Chief Executive Officer of the Sarkis Group at Douglas Elliman.


A professional mother of two middle school children, Ashley re-entered the luxury real estate industry with a passion and a mission after her divorce four years ago.


In her words: “My career has given me a new sense of purpose and a level of confidence in myself and my abilities I don’t think I had when I was married.”


Willow: What has been the most challenging thing about re-entering the workforce post divorce?

Ashley Bernon: The most challenging aspect of establishing myself is having those who know me to accept me as a professional and not view me as just a divorced woman.


Willow: What do you love most about being in real estate?

AB: I love working in real estate because it is something that everyone knows and cares about and I am the type of person that likes quick results. There is a level of camaraderie that is electric and a true sense of community. Some of my best friendships have developed through the industry.


Willow: What are some common financial mistakes you see people make when buying or selling real estate? 

AB: Many people are making impulse purchases without thinking long term what they really want and need because of Covid-19. Like with other investment decisions, I would encourage them to take a long-term perspective when weighing the pros and cons of a real estate purchase or sale.


Willow: What advice would you give to women going through a divorce?

AB: The single best piece of advice I would give every woman is to put their children first and let them be your North Star and follow it strictly. My second piece of advice is to whiteboard your top three goals; first being your personal goal and the second being your professional goal and the third being your physical goals. In my case, I knew I wanted to find a loving and supportive partner to share the rest of my life with and I found him. The second for me was to pursue a career that I could put my heart and soul into while raising my children to give me a sense of purpose. My third was to run the Boston Marathon for the first time and to continue to ride the PMC challenge.

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