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Your life, your money, your goals – They are uniquely your own.

That’s why your financial advisor should be someone who understands you and offers advice personalized for your life.

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Get matched with a financial advisor you can truly connect with. Willow is setting a new standard of financial advice for women, next generation, and underrepresented investors.

Getting Matched with an Advisor is as Easy as 1-2-3

Getting Matched with an Advisor is as Easy as 1-2-3

Answer a few questions to help us understand your financial goals, life journey and passions.

We match you with an advisor who understands your goals, aligns with your interests and personality.

Start building a personal connection with an advisor who can help you achieve your financial and life goals.

Wondering how we evaluate financial advisors to recommend them to you? Explore our Advisor Vetting Process to learn more.

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Willow’s vetted advisors can be browsed in the Willow Directory, helping you find the right financial guide for your life.

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