Advisor Vetting

At Willow, we understand that each individual requires a personalized approach for managing their wealth and securing their financial future.

That is why Willow ensures leading advisors have the specialized knowledge, resources, and credentials to build and grow trusted relationships with individuals like yourself.

Our Vetting Process Goes Beyond Credentials

We ensure our listed advisors are deeply attuned to the specific needs and goals of the clients they set out to work with.

We believe knowledge is best gained through experience, therefore every advisor listed in the Willow directory has a minimum of 2 years in a financial advisory/planning role.

In addition to their field experience, each advisor completes at least one of Willow’s training programs: Advisor For Women™ Certificate Program or Advisor For NextGen™ Certificate Program.

Willow keeps up with the latest research and data to provide advisors the most effective actionable insights to integrate into their practices.

Each advisor is required to meet with a Willow Financial Coach for a coaching session, ensuring each advisor’s practice aligns with Willow’s mission to better serve women, NextGen, and other underrepresented individuals. 

Advisors must have a strong reputation in the industry. Willow requires both peer and client references prior to being listed in the Willow directory. Additionally, Willow verifies that each advisor is in good standing with regulatory bodies.

Advisors have access to quarterly trainings and participate in best practice sharing sessions with other advisors.

Willow’s quarterly trainings are updated to reflect the highest industry standards in addressing the needs of women, NextGen, and other underserved populations.

Advisors are also required to continue their trainings by completing one (1) CE credit on platform each year.

*Willow’s certificate programs are designed to give financial advisors the tools and knowledge to best support specific groups of consumers. This is not a formal designation and there are restrictions as to how the advisor can message completion of the course in their public facing materials.