Our Story

Welcome to Willow

We’re here to financially empower women throughout their life journeys

I believe it is important for a woman to be in control of her financial life - whether she is single, in a relationship, or married.

Much of Willow is based upon my own experience and the many incredible women I draw inspiration from daily. I am the daughter of a Cuban refugee, which shaped my money mindset early on and eventually led me to pursue a career in financial services. In my mid-30’s, my life changed unexpectedly and I emerged from a challenging time as a divorced single mother. Like many women, I found it difficult to find a trusted financial expert who could not only provide the right advice, but also help me to feel more confident and secure. I founded Willow so that other women can access the coaching and personalized guidance that I wish had been available to me.

Our dedicated team is committed to matching women with the right financial coach or advisor so they can achieve financial strength, stability and security throughout all life’s journeys.

We hope you will join us!

Lacy Garcia, Founder & CEO

“I believe that “Willow Women” are like willow trees - able to stand tall against the changing winds with the right personalized guidance.”Lacy Garcia, Founder & CEO

Are you a Willow Woman?

The Willow Woman wants to be in charge of her life and her future. She desires to protect and care for her family. She cares about the bottom line. She also cares about the impact of her investment decisions on others.
Through knowledge, personalized guidance and ongoing support, Willow empowers her with the right financial guidance and tools to achieve her life goals.

Our Team

We’re a seasoned team from financial services and a diverse set of industries. We are committed to putting our clients first and upholding Willow’s core values of trust, transparency, empathy and respect in everything we do.

Lacy Garcia

Founder & CEO

Ivan Mitrovic

Executive CTO

Jason Aronson, CFA

Founder & CPO

Sarina Sherwin

Head of Marketing

Sheila Walsh, CFP®

GM of Financial Coaching

Vera Gibbons

Personal Finance Analyst

Willow Expert Network

Inspiration provides the creative spark for each Willow Woman’s journey.
The Willow Community benefits from the wisdom of an exceptional group of diverse female leaders. The focus of conversations and content includes both professional advice and more personal life journey experiences.

Marla Capozzi

Leader of the McKinsey Academy at McKinsey & Company

Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller

Director of Equity, Diversity + Inclusion, Trip Advisor

Micho Fernandez Spring

Chair, Global Practice, Weber Shandwick

Smaiyra Million

Director, Diana International Research Institute, Babson College

Susan Duffy

Executive Director, Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership

Farah Hussain

Director, Global Partner Marketing, PayPal and Leadership Coach

Lesley Seymour

Founder of CoveyClub

Diane Hessan

Entrepreneur, Investor, Board Member & Columnist

Emily Boorstein Wikman

Certified Personal Life Coach, CPCC, Inner Fitness Program

Ashley Bernon

Director of Marketing and Client Relations at Law Offices of Sonja B Selami

Sarah Hodkinson

General Manager, SmarterTravel at TripAdvisor

Christine C. Chang

Chief Executive Officer of 6th Avenue Capital

Cheryl Kiser

Executive Director, The Lewis Institute & Babson Social Innovation Lab

Katie Makstenieks

Managing Director & CCO, Deloitte Corporate Finance