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Demonstrate that you are a top advisor who is committed to supporting the unique needs of women clients. Certified advisors are showcased in the Willow Directory as qualified and trusted advisors. 


By 2030, Women will control $30T according to McKinsey & Co.¹


80%-90% of Women will solely be responsible for their finances at some point in their life.¹

It is essential to recognize that women are not a monolithic group, while also understanding that the majority share life journeys that impact their relationship with money. On average, women live longer, act as primary caregivers, earn less due to the gender pay gap (and time away from the workforce for caregiving), take on more household responsibilities, and have higher healthcare costs. As a result, their priorities, concerns, and planning needs typically differ. Earning and maintaining a woman’s trust is key to developing a successful advisor client relationship.


Complete three video CE trainings

Willow’s 50-minute trainings are each eligible for 1 CE credit for: CFP®, CIMA®, CIMC®, RMA®, and CPWA®. Complete Integrating Coaching into your Practice, Supporting the Unique Needs of Women Investors, and one training of your choice.

Receive one coaching session

Willow’s Financial Life Coaches are highly qualified with backgrounds rooted in financial services. This coaching session focuses on how you can best attract new clients, better support and grow relationships with your existing clients, and retain the heirs.

Submit client and peer references

Submit two references through a short, easy to complete form. One from a financial advisory client who you have served for at least one year. The second from a financial advisor at another firm. Willow will also confirm you are in good standing with regulatory bodies.

Join the directory of certified advisors

The Willow Directory showcases advisors who have successfully completed the certification process and are certified to serve tomorrow’s clients. Willow helps you create a bio for your custom web page tailored to tomorrow’s clients where prospects can contact and schedule introductory calls with you.


To become a CERTIFIED ADVISOR FOR WOMEN™ you must be in good standing with SEC and BrokerCheck. In addition, you must pass the three CE assessments at the end of each seminar required as part of the certification, receive an approval rating by a Willow Financial Life Coach and provide references from one peer at a different advisory firm, and one client who you have been servicing for a minimum of one year attesting to your ability to serve women clients.

Program Benefits


*$800 for advisors 35 & younger

1 Baghai, P., Olivia Howard, O., Prakash, L., & Zucker, J. (2020, July 29). Women as the next wave of growth in US wealth management. McKinsey & Company