File a Complaint

If you believe that an Advisor for WomenTM or Advisor for NextGenTM certificate holder has violated the Willow Code of Ethics and would like to report the alleged misconduct, you may submit a complaint form to our Advisor Review Committee.

Please report your complaint in as much detail as possible. If needed, Willow’s Advisor Review Committee may request additional documentation and may request a personal interview if it appears necessary.

Willow will accept an anonymous complaint. However, anonymity may result in Willow not being able to conduct a full investigation.

To submit an anonymous complaint, enter “Anonymous” for your first and last name in the form below.

Your complaint must be filed in writing either using the form below, email to or mail to

Willow Network, Inc.
23 Paine Ave
Beverly, MA 01965

Please describe your complaint and the reasons you believe a violation of Willow’s Code of Ethics occurred. Please be as detailed in your response as possible Is it possible to add a document upload to the form? If so please add this language. Add document upload field. If not omit. and upload any documentation that will be helpful to Willow in their review of your complaint.