Managing Time Is Like Managing Money

by Willow Editorial Team

Summer is drawing its curtain call, and we’ve been asking ourselves, ‘Did it just fly away like that? If only I had more time.’

Although we’re talking about time, we could very well be talking about money as the similarities are endless.

For example, while we’re always saying we don’t have enough time or money — especially these days, since so many of us are out of work or had our hours reduced — we always seem to have enough for the things we prioritize.


If we’re not intentional about how we spend money, we might spend it on the wrong things. Lately, it’s possible that we’ve been blowing a lot of money on things that provide us some sense of comfort in these challenging times — from food to pajamas.


The same goes for time. If we don’t map out our days, we could easily find ourselves watching too much TV, or frittering time away on social media. Before you know it, the day is gone and there’s mysteriously not enough time to do the things we need to do.


Planning is essential when it comes to both time and money. Without proper planning (we suggest you put pen to paper to keep everything straight), we will always wonder where the money went, and where the hours went.


And finally, you’ve got to stay focused whether you’re working toward reaching a financial goal (such as buying a house or paying down debt). This means allocating blocks of times and avoiding time-draining distractions that could ultimately prevent you from reaching these goals.