Willow Expert Spotlight: Farah Hussain

Farah Hussain grew up with a dichotomy: a cultural expectation to get married after college to “a guy with a good job,” and her immigrant parents’ dream for her to have financial independence in a new country. Her ambition fueled the latter.


Farah began saving money when she was just 14 years old. She bought employee stock when she started working in the tech industry. In her 30s, she was well into a marketing career defined by seeking help from her network and advocating for herself every step of the way. She purchased a house with her sister while many others like her waited for ‘the one.’


How did she “quiet the voices” that said she was living life “out of order” and should be married first?


By being financially empowered

This has given Farah not only the freedom to create her own story, but it’s one of the ways she has been able to grow personally. Without the stress of covering basic day-to-day expenses, she was able to invest savings in full-time graduate school, fund trips abroad with and for her family members, and purchase property.


By grounding herself in her values

While prospects for marriage popped up, Farah didn’t move forward with them if they meant that she would have to set aside core values that allow her to live a meaningful life. ‘Huh?’ was her response to a former partner who told her she could work as a preschool teacher when they got married. His directive, among others, was at odds with her value of making decisions collaboratively. It also disregarded that at the time, she was doing well in a marketing career path that she liked.


By releasing regret

One constant for Farah is that she makes the best decisions she can in the moment, with self-compassion and with the best information she has. Once she’s done all she can, she trusts the universe to take its course. ‘I really believe that things fall into place the way they are meant to. Put forth your best effort with the best of intentions, and release stress over things you can’t control.’