How to have “the talk” with your partner

How to have “the talk” with your partner February 9, 2022 Conversations around money can make us feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. And it can be even harder to broach the subject with your closest confidant. But even though money conversations can be hard to bring up, they are instrumental in any relationship that goes the […]

Managing Baby Product Expenses

Managing Baby Product Expenses February 7, 2022 Preparing for the arrival of a newborn is an exciting time as you “nest” in your home and envision your life with a new little one. With all of the adorable and imaginative baby products available, it’s tempting to indulge yourself by buying everything and writing it off […]

Choose the Right Currency to Teach Kids Financial Responsibility

Choose the Right Currency to Teach Kids Financial Responsibility December 21, 2021 Parenting has compelled me to do and say things I never imagined would be necessary. There was the “We don’t feed our sister dirt,” lesson, and then the “How well can you think on your feet?” challenge when my son got the mail […]

Willow Spotlight: Janine Ting Jansen

Nurturing Diverse Talent in the Workplace December 8, 2021 A leader and champion with the Latinx and Asian communities, and for women, Janine Ting Jansen has worked for several top law firms, Citi, S&P Global and currently serves as the Senior Director of Inclusion and Diversity, North America, for Teva Pharmaceuticals. The first in her […]

Negotiating Tips

Negotiating Tips November 11, 2021

Budgeting for Fertility

Budgeting For Fertility November 11, 2021 Now that you’ve decided which fertility treatment is the most suitable for you it’s time to understand your upcoming financial obligations. Furthermore, in the US often are not covered by insurance. While some private insurance plans cover diagnostic services, there is very little coverage for treatment services such as […]

Willow Spotlight: Marla Capozzi

Willow Spotlight: Marla Capozzi – Valuing Women and DEI in the Workplace by Willow Editorial Team October 6, 2021 Employers play a critical role in the financial well-being of most individuals and families. In order to create an inclusive environment, companies’ commitment to their employees’ financial well-being should go beyond providing their monthly paychecks. At […]

Willow Spotlight: Alex Lebenthal

Willow Spotlight: Alex Lebenthal on the Power of Female Entrepreneurship & Mentorship May 18, 2021 A passionate supporter of women in business, Alex Lebenthal is a legendary woman of Wall Street. She was named one of New York’s 100 most influential women by Crain’s New York Business, one of the top 50 Women in Wealth […]