How to have “the talk” with your partner

How to have “the talk” with your partner March 20, 2024 Talking about finances can make us feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. And it can be even harder to broach the subject with your closest confidant. But even though money conversations can be hard to bring up, they are instrumental in any relationship that goes the […]

Should I Freeze My Eggs?

Should I Freeze My Eggs? March 6, 2024 Freezing your eggs is an extremely practical approach for a lot of individuals who want to have kids later in life. It has grown increasingly popular in the last few years. However, the process can be intensive and quite expensive. You should be keeping some of the […]

Budgeting for Fertility

Budgeting For Fertility January 24, 2024 For many, starting a family is a lifelong dream.  Yet, for some, it’s not as straightforward, especially financially. Fertility treatments, often essential, come with hefty costs and inconsistent insurance coverage. That’s where a compassionate financial advisor, experienced in navigating these challenges, can make a difference. At Willow, we’re committed […]

Choose the Right Currency to Teach Kids Financial Responsibility

Choose the Right Currency to Teach Kids Financial Responsibility December 27, 2023 Parenting has compelled me to do and say things I never imagined would be necessary. There was the “We don’t feed our sister dirt,” lesson, and then the “How well can you think on your feet?” challenge when my son got the mail […]

Managing Baby Product Expenses

Managing Baby Product Expenses November 29, 2023 Preparing for the arrival of a newborn is an exciting time as you “nest” in your home and envision your life with a new little one. With all of the adorable baby products on the market, it is so easy to feel that all are a “must have” […]

How Do We Address Unpaid Care Work?

How Do We Address Unpaid Care Work? May 9, 2022 Most of us know someone who grew up with either a stay-at-home mom or a single mom who worked while also managing the household mostly by themselves. It has been a product of our culture that emphasizes that women should work like they don’t have […]

Ally Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Ally mistakes you don’t know you’re making February 28, 2022 Over the last several years, we have seen an increase in white Americans pledging to become better allies to people of color in their social and professional spheres. Often, we will ask “what can we do?” to improve ourselves, but as author Latasha Morrison puts […]

How do I talk to my kids about money?

How do I talk to my kids about money? by Willow Editorial Team June 15, 2020 CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR KIDS ABOUT MONEY SHOULD START EARLY AND BE A NORMAL PART OF DAY-TO-DAY LIFE. Here are four simple guidelines to get you started: 1. Start early. It’s never too early to start talking to your children […]